Monday, January 10, 2011


dalam sekelip mate je aq dah 2 tahun blaja kat ppum ni (pusat perubatan universiti malaya). boley tahan r..hidup jgk la aq kat sni..mle2 mmg xske dgn suasana kat tmpt ni..tmpt trase suram dan at last I used to it. skunk ni aq blaja 3 subjek plus 1 practical session..

medical surgical 5 :
endocrine and mammary glands disorders
central nervous system disorders
autoimmune disorders
oncology and hemopoietic

medical surgical 6 :

obstetric and pediatric

stakat ni aq bnyk x catch up sgt. so, I've struggle hard to catch it up back. (ni mst sbb bnyk tdo dlm lecture hall)


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