Monday, November 8, 2010

We are not just bullying people, but we also bully our group member.. (buli² manje…nakal kan) at this ward, our team leader was teh, then as usual, team leader will always been bullying by her group member..

'Fatin Fatihah Azizan a.k.a TEH'


Today, 8th of November  2010, at 1000H my group were having conference with our beloved coordinator. First of all, everyone were really excited, but the conference turns to kiosk as the time goes by.. why kiosk..?? ahaaa..that I want to share here,, everyone were restless as the conference takes 2 and a half hour.. OMG..!! fiona, mafia, macho n teh already throw their attention to maskulin magazines.. while I n nina were dancing.. but…whatever we do, we still in the discussion.. all the question ask by Puan we answered it smoothly.. that is why we're so cool.. perfect preparation will lead to perfect conversation


Alaaa… time is running out.. nak balik dah..  the time was really short.. I still have many things to do with my family. But what to do, the time was really jealous with me. I have to go back. It was the first time I went back from Ipoh early in the morning. I’m going back at 0900H. I have to..bcoz I’m working on evening shift that day.. Either I like it or not, I have to go, bye bye Ipoh.. but I’ll be back during, watch out..!!

'gambar semua orang macam sedih je kan..hhu'

BANTAL busuk

I have a ‘bantal busuk’ a.k.a teddy.. do you have one..? my teddy name is ‘moshie’ I feel really comfortable when I sleep while holding moshie. I also have bantal busuk that I use since I was born..hha' (bau die..perghhh..:))) kak yang n adik also have their own teddy..angah..? ‘angah macho la, mne ad bantal busuk’ that is what he said, I don’t know how macho he is..


One thing that I will surely do when at home is,, umi’s cooks was really wonder la if there is a lot of people like to buy her nasi lemak.. Saturday lunch, she cooked
rendang ayam,
masak lemak labu
and very yummy
it really make my saliva won’t stop dropping.. the dish even more delicious as I having it with my beloved family. At night, we are having dinner at restaurant. (lupe namenye..) we eat a lot of dishes,
tomyam campur,
siakap tiga rasa
daging masak merah
kalian ikan masin
n very juicy
fresh orange
(sedappp..)This weekend at home really put on my weight..


It was treated..!!

“I am so happy..either you know it or not…..”

My home sick was treated…!!! Yuhuuuu… I’m damn soo happy..although I just went back for 1 day, but it was really awesome to having weekend with family. Once I arrived at Ipoh KTM, my family has ready to fetch me. Then, we go for dinner plus with adik’s bday celebration. We are having satay. It was really yummy, the satay was the most famous satay in Ipoh..people called it ‘Satay Endut’. The name sound funny, but the taste was really finger licking..after that we go to gerbang malam just having some walk..n I’ve already give to adik his present n he like it…!

finger licking satay

a night walk

Thursday, November 4, 2010


i feel sooooo dehydrated.. my skin started to dry, my hair has become spike style, my face feel like in  the oven, my leg feel like has been pulling out, my hands move like steamed vegetable..i'm very sick...


last friday i went out with tasya, shopping for my junk food.. while i was too happy choosing the fatty trap unhealthy food,,, TING TONG,,out of sudden, i remember to buy present for my adik. his bday is around the corner..!! i'm very sure that he will keep babbling if there's no present from me. BUT,, what i'm gonna give him..?? so,, after having a cup of coffee taster and a slice of sponge cake,, BLING! BLING! i can see what is so suitable for him. the most wanted things for kids.. BEN10..!! so, i've buy for him a BEN10 shirt..hope adik will like it.. 

"cantik tak baju ni..;pp"

Along sayang adik..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"comel kan opah..:))"

today my opah had undergo spine surgery. she had been complaining about back pain for few month ago. last month she was admitted to ward bcoz having severe back pain until she cant move. from that moment, mak andak bring her here to get further treatment. now she's in the ward and i wish she would recover soon..

Fatin Samsudin 



nak balikkk....!! it almost 2 month i'm not going home..really miss my

buya   umi   angah   kak yang   adik

yesterday was adik's bday..i've buy shirt for him..hope he will like it..i'm gonna back on adik, wait for my present okay...



it's my last ward..!! yuhuuu..!! this two weeks I've been posted to WP1 n WP2. it was the last ward to survive as we've been posted for 3 month non-stop. after this we gonna face to EXAM..!! oh god.. I'm really scared to think about it. our new roster here make we have to separated with ana n azilah.. ohh.. s***..our gang was not complete..(tak havoc laaa..) hmm..



Senyum senyum senyum
Senyum senyum


Kacak luar
Kacak dalam
Kacak dengar sini
Kalau saya senyum
Awak mesti senyum sekali
Kalau kita senyum
Semua orang berjangkit
Bila semua orang senyum
Dunia tiada penyakit


Tak perlu kata apa-apa
Tak perlu kata apa-apa
Tak perlu kata apa-apa
tak perlu kata apa-apa

Akhirnya sempurna tiga album pertama
Bunyi macam koleksi hits terbaik orang lama
Dah ku kata ku takkan henti sampai tua bangka
Kalau habis abjad aku rap dengan angka
Satu dua tiga anugerah diterima
Oh itu tahun lepas tahun ini cuma dua
Tersenyum tiap kali kalah dengan Nurhaliza
Ditertawakan oleh anakku Inca Medina

Oh Inca Medina orang secantik nama
Cantik luar cantik dalam cantik macam mama
Hati macam grandmanya anginnya macam papa
Kalau dah merajuk nampak muncung sampai sana
Sebelum jadi drama dah tahu nak buat apa
Nyanyi balik lagu ayat lama ayat mama
Wanita hari ini jaga sensitiviti
Kalau buah hati merajuk boleh cuba ayat ini

Ay cantik luar cantik dalam cantik dengar sini
Kalau cantik senyum cantik mesti cantik lagi
Senyum sikit nak tengok ada tak lesung pipit
Kalau tak ada pun aku masih mahu cubit

Ulang Verse
Ulang Chorus

Ay buai tinggi-tinggi sampai ke puncak awan
Dengan kumulus dan nimbus aku berkawan
Aku bukan rupawan aku bukan jutawan
Tapi aku punya satu senyuman yang menawan

Baru mukadimah nampak macam sudah tertawan
Dengar kata hati perasaan jangan dilawan
Kalau takut mula-mula kita boleh berkawan
Duduk dulu biar ku belanja kopi secawan
Apa rasa sentiasa jadi bahan perhatian
Apa rasa jadi cantik kacuk cina pakistan
Apa rasa jadi seksi suka tak diperhatikan
Apa rasanya terima bertubi-tubi puji-pujian

Tu boleh pun senyum cantiknya gigi
Sepuluh markah penuh seharusnya ku beri
Wanita hari ini harus pepandai puji
Kalau dia jual mahal boleh cuba lagu ini

Ay cantik luar cantik dalam cantik dengar sini
Kalau cantik senyum cantik mesti cantik lagi
Senyum sikit nak tengok ada tak lesung pipit
Kalau tak ada pun aku masih mahu cubit