Tuesday, October 19, 2010


today was the 1st day junior assign to ward
a lot of new thing that we need to introduce to them
since i've become a senior,,
i have to be matured
and there will be a lot of them will calling me AKAK
(rase allergic sgt ngn pggilan tu)

but i really happy to teach them what i have
'the more we teach people, the stronger the knowledge'
so adik2,,welcome to the real nurses works

Monday, October 18, 2010

new name

Dear blog…
I’ve choose u for me to tell all that I feel..
I’ve been searching those who willing to hear what I want to share
But I couldn’t find one who r really able to be with me all the time..
I understand that everybody was really busy with their own life..
So, I don’t want to bother them..
Since u will be my very best friend from now onwards,
So, I want to give u name..FENOLLA 

change ahead

I always like this
Keep changing my blog
(sbb rse blog sblm ni tak cntik)
It just like i don't kno how to have a blog
Actually,,i really love to have a blog
But,, I don’t have time to online
From now, I promise to give few time to my blog
Wish me luck..