Saturday, January 22, 2011


it was so bored when we have to come to class on Saturday..we were in hurry to class while others still sleeping with their sweet dream..we have to be in class from 8 until 12.30 attention was not fully in the lecture while class has started..i believe that most of them were same with me..when 10.00 am started to reach, i feel really relief..everybody started to chit chatting among them self while i, nina, hanis, azilah n faiz were trying to do crazy thing..the thing that everyone will do whenever they feel bored is snap some, we were doing the same..crazy photography session has begun..there was so much of nonsense pic that we snap..have to take a look at those pictures...


  1. gua suka la pic atas sekali tu..chantekkk;)

  2. gua suka jgk...sbb ad gua kot pic tu chantek..hha'