Monday, November 8, 2010

It was treated..!!

“I am so happy..either you know it or not…..”

My home sick was treated…!!! Yuhuuuu… I’m damn soo happy..although I just went back for 1 day, but it was really awesome to having weekend with family. Once I arrived at Ipoh KTM, my family has ready to fetch me. Then, we go for dinner plus with adik’s bday celebration. We are having satay. It was really yummy, the satay was the most famous satay in Ipoh..people called it ‘Satay Endut’. The name sound funny, but the taste was really finger licking..after that we go to gerbang malam just having some walk..n I’ve already give to adik his present n he like it…!

finger licking satay

a night walk

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